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‘Alt som før var dødt’

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City, Country Langøyene , Norway
Year 2022–2023
Client City of Oslo, Norway
Architect Mattias Härenstam, Eskil Tin AS
Services Structural Engineering

The eight meticulously crafted sculptures of the public artwork ‘Alt som før var dødt’ by Mattias Härenstam have been unveiled on Langoeyene Island, close to Oslo. We collaborated with Eskil Tin, providing expertise in structural engineering while they undertook the construction and assembly of the sculptures.

The sculptures are made with precision using 8 mm Cor-Ten B and stainless AISI316 steel sheets, which offer a range of surface treatments from matte to polished finishes, enhancing their visual appeal. To ensure the sculptures' longevity, corrosion protection measures have been implemented for the partially underground Cor-Ten B sheets. The careful design helps prevent too much drying when the sculptures are exposed to moisture, which keeps the sculptures in good condition over time.

The sculptures range in height from a compact 58 cm to an impressive 7 m, creating a captivating visual impact. The taller sculptures are assembled on-site in sections featuring internal openings and horizontally welded plates for seamless joining during the assembly process.

Structural Engineering
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