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Ecumenical Motorway Church Siegerland

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City, Country
Year 2009–2013
Client Autobahnkirche Siegerland e.V.
Architect schneider+schumacher
Services Structural Engineering
Building Physics
Facts Gross volume: 2,050 m³ | Total area: approx. 240 m²
Awards DAM Preis für Architektur in Deutschland 2013, Award | ICONIC AWARDS 2013, Category: Best of Best Architecture

The ecumenical motorway church in Siegerland, Germany, consists of the church itself and an access bridge. The design is characterised by its abstract external shape and a spacious interior, which is derived from a spherical volume. Through specifically modeled shafts the daylight is indirectly channeled into the church and thus supports the room’s mystical character.

The substructure is a mezzanine level which houses the mechanical equipment and whose sloping walls taper towards the foundation. The upper level of the church is a lightweight timber structure, whereas the substructure and foundation consists of reinforced concrete. The access bridge, also a timber structure, is spanning between the church structure on one side and a conventional bridge abutment on the opposite side.

The motorway church Siegerland is just 70 m away from the A45 motorway. The timber frame construction posed a particular challenge for the sound insulation at the given distance to the motorway. The transparent openings in the church were positioned in an optimal way by means of a light study and thus support the striking architecture. The acoustics, dominated by the inner dome (sphere), ensure the spatial feel of a church, overshadowing the size of the space.

Structural Engineering
Building Physics
Design Technologies