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City, Country Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year since 2021
Client FLOS S.p.a.
Architect Chermayeff
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Surface area: 380 m²

The Flos showroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands, mimics the appearance of living paper sheets but is crafted entirely from 6 millimetres thick steel plates welded on-site.

Though bearing their weight, these steel structures exude a unique fragility as they lean against themselves and the concrete. The space allows for creative arrangements of these thin planes, and it's worth noting that, after removing stiffeners, this project became one of the thinnest walls ever tackled by B+G as structural engineers!

The project is composed of three main elements, a 15-meter-long steel table featuring an integrated gas stove, a space adorned with steel sheets and crowned by a steel beam roof, and Freestanding walls composed of steel sheets.