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Infobox at Potsdamer Platz

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City, Country Berlin, Germany
Year 1994–1995
Client Senat für Bau- und Wohnungswesen, Berlin
Architect schneider+schumacher
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 23 m | Length: 60 m
Awards Grand Prix DDC Das beste Stück 2002 | Deutscher Stahlbaupreis 1996 | BDA-Preis Berlin 1996

The temporary information box was built from June until October 1995 and located amid the major construction site Potsdamer Platz. It was planned as a centre to inform the public of the new developments in the heart of Berlin.

The 23 m high building was clad with red enamelled steel sheets and had glazed corners, allowing a view to the constantly changing construction site. The floor slab cantilevers 7m above the ground on concrete-filled steel tube columns with a diameter of 40 cm. The building structure remained nearly completely exposed, expressing the architectural concept.

Being designed for temporary use, the structure was carried out as a bolted steel structure. The exterior columns consisted of concrete-filled steel tube columns, the interior columns of concrete-filled composite columns.

Structural Engineering
Temporary & Mobile
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