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Les Mâts

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City, Country Fontainebleau, France
Year 2022
Client Ville de Fontainebleau
Architect Poiēma, Elias Gama

"Les Mâts" is an Artwork made by the artist Elias Gama on the Place de l'Etape in Fontainebleau.

The project was initiated by Art Ignition with the Beaux-arts of Paris, then Poiēma ensured the production and technical direction of the fountain, whose masts are made of 6m high brass and the fountain basin of glazed ceramics.

Bollinger+Grohmann, as part of the project management team alongside Poiēma Paris, contributed its expertise in structural engineering, whose main focus was the dimensioning of the masts and their anchoring in the ground, integrating the fountain's watering devices.

Contractors for the project: PetitJean and Térideal.

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