High-quality architecture is our passion, the development of excellent structures for it our origin since 1983.

We listen to you, your dreams, your needs, your ideas. We are thrilled to transform them into structures, becoming integral parts of architectural concepts respecting and incorporating the input provided by all disciplines.

European Central Bank – ECB construction site in the summer of 2012
European Central Bank – ECB construction site in the summer of 2012 © B+G, Enrico Santifaller
Animation depicting various projects
 ©; Messe Frankfurt, Bach;
Jens Kirchner


As an independent practice, we support public and private clients worldwide for projects of every scale, usage and complexity.

Interior of MIBA Forum
MIBA Forum © Daniel Hawelka

Specialised Generalists

Our strength is the unique combination of generalists thinking in broader terms and highly skilled specialists deeply diving into complex tasks.

We utilise the entire spectrum of construction materials to find the best solution for each individual project.

Engineered Value - Great Spaces!

We understand value engineering as the creation of great places and spaces for people, carefully embedded in their local environment.

Needless to mention that those must be developed according to your budget.

Interior of the Library of Provinciehuis Antwerp, a woman is taking a picture with her mobile
Provinciehuis Antwerp, Library
Bauhaus Archive Tower, construction site, two people on a crane
Bauhaus Archive Tower, construction site © Marcus Ebener

Complex simplicity - Challenge us!

We have the experience, skills and tools to develop cutting- edge solutions giving your ideas wings.

EPFL Rolex-Learning Center, large shell with its steel and timber roof during installation
EPFL Rolex-Learning Center, large shell with its steel and timber roof during installation

Design to Build

We deliver structural engineering through all planning phases from cradle to cradle. Our team is able to design in accordance with every relevant building code worldwide.

European Central Bank – ECB, 3D structural model
European Central Bank – ECB, 3D structural model
Deutsche Bank Campus, excavation pit from above, neatly stacked building material, pipes running through the construction pit
Deutsche Bank Campus, excavation pit

Arts below Ground

Deep below ground? High groundwater levels? Existing buildings found directly next to you? Want to build in the city centre on limited construction sites? Build top-down?

No worries! Our specialists develop efficient and buildable earth-retaining structures. For 40 years, clients have trusted our economic foundation designs in and on every kind of soil, ranging from shallow foundations to deep combined pile raft systems.

Art installation ‘Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea’ by Erwin Wurm, truck standing vertically, walkable sculpture
‘Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea’, © Bildrecht, Vienna 2017, Photo: Eva Würdinger

Arts Above

Think outside the box? Far outside?

Let’s join forces and follow that path together. B+G cooperates closely with artists and architects to invent structures being embedded in the artwork, temporary buildings and performances.

German Archaeological Institut Rome, seismic design of a building structure as 3D models
German Archaeological Institut Rome, seismical analysis

Being Dynamic - Controlled Performance

Structural design guarantees the safety of people living and working in our built environment. We accept this responsibility and deliver robust seismic designs and assessments for projects around the world.

We deliver structures with controlled dynamic response for tall buildings and sensitive usages such as industrial production, laboratories, and healthcare.

Challenge our experts for computational structural dynamics performing. We offer performance-based design, damping, blast protection, fatigue, and durability analysis.

Respect and Maintain

Existing structures? We love it!

We are at home whenever allowed to re-invent existing building stock. Our experts handle exceptional knowledge and experience in historic building materials and systems to evaluate or renovate existing structures.

Iron beam structure in a historic market hall,Detail of Le Carreau du Temple
Le Carreau du Temple © Fernando Javier Urquijo, Studio Milou
Case study ‘tensegrity’ © B+G, Ludovic Regnault


Innovation is a constant journey, and we are dedicated to innovative engineering.

Thinking beyond the state of the art of structural engineering and questioning the status quo of building design codes enables us to create top-notch structural solutions.

We are continuously optimising our workflow seeking better results and cooperation models. Curiosity and hunger for knowledge drives our team to test new materials, play with uncommon design tools and foster interdisciplinary teamwork.