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BMW 'Dynaform'

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City, Country Frankfurt, Germany
Year 2001
Client BMW Group
Architect ABB Architekten, Bernhard Franken
Facts Height: 18 m | Length: 135 m | Width: 25 m
Awards DDC-Preis 2001, Silver Prize | FEIDAD Award, Taiwan 2001, Design Merit Award

The computer-aided design and manufacturing process defined the architectural design and feasibility of the structure. The form developed within a dynamic process, with the originally continuous geometrical shape being deformed by simulated forces. The emerging primal geometry was the basis of the further design and construction process.

In continuous collaboration with the architects the bearing structure of the frames and encasing membranes were developed. In the longitudinal direction rigid round pipes connect the frames to each other and provide lateral stability to the structure in adhesion with the rigid frames at both ends and the ceiling grills. The structural system consists of a double-curved steel frame structure. It comprises 15 welded hollow beam Vierendeel-girders, bearing the structure column-free in transverse direction in an interval of 8 metres.

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