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BMW-Installation 'Take Off'

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City, Country Munich, Germany
Year 2002–2003
Client BMW Group
Architect Bernhard Franken
Facts Length: 90 m
Awards ADC Award 2004, Silberner Nagel | FEIDAD Award, Taiwan 2003

In the check-in hall of Terminal 2 at Munich Airport an almost 90 m long band of fins floats 13 m above the ground. A total of 363 different aluminium fins were printed on each side with contrasting illustrations. A wide range of motifs appears due to the specific mounting and three-dimensional configuration of the fins.

The fins are carried out as wing sections comprising beaded transverse elements on a central tube and are covered on both sides with 1 mm thin aluminium sheets. The geometry of the fins varies in each element. The milled neuron-knot connects the vertical and horizontal cable suspensions

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