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Hager HVG

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City, Country Blieskastel, Germany
Year 2010
Client Hager Electro
Architect schneider+schumacher
Services Structural Engineering
Facts GFA: 65,000 m²

The new administration building with training area is located on the company premises at the Blieskastel site, connected to the central development hall of a former office building complex. On the two front sides are the cores with access, adjoining rooms and toilets. These act with additional reinforced concrete walls as stiffening. In the free-standing areas between the cores is located in the school area and an adjoining open-plan office. It is accessed via a foyer along the southern façade. In both upper floors there are office areas with flexible floor plans. The reinforced concrete components of the new building were produced in exposed concrete quality.

Besides the new administration building, the cafeteria was also extended designed as steel roof construction with trapezoidal sheets serving as cover. Moreover, the entrance hall was extended in order to create a connection on the ground floor between the new and existing buildings.