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Heidi Horten Collection

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City, Country Vienna, Austria
Year 2019–2022
Client Palais Goëss-Horten GmbH
Architect the next ENTERprise Architects
Services Structural Engineering
Facts GFA: 3,960 m²

The former chancellery building of Archduke Friedrich in the Hanuschhof is a more than 100-year-old Gründerzeit building and consists of four above-ground floors and a partial basement in the southwestern wing. The conversion to a private museum represents a significant intervention in the existing structure. The building will be significantly gutted, whereby the façade is to be preserved in its original state except for one incision for a new entrance area. In addition, the entire building will get a new underground level.

Hanging in the central large volume are two staggered exhibition levels are and another level for administration. The main supporting structure of these levels is a composite steel and concrete slab construction with a construction height of up to 600 mm. The exhibition areas span up to 20 metres. They are supported on four main supports at the ends of the existing central walls as well as once in the façade level and on the fire wall to the neighboring building. The concentrated loads are directed from the platforms via steel columns and reinforced concrete structures further into the foundation. A combined raft and pile foundation is designed for areas of high load concentrations. Due to the redesign of the premises and the staircase, the northern side wing will be generously replaced by new reinforced concrete walls and ceilings. In the southern wing, most of the existing buildings will be preserved except for the existing ceilings, which will be supplemented by a reinforced concrete elevator core and new floor slabs.

Building Retrofit