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Proto Habitat Pavilion

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City, Country Bordeaux, France
Year 2020–2021
Client Wald.City
Architect Wald.City
Services Structural Engineering

Living in a space built for housing and work is a subject open to reflection and the renewal of practices. Frédérique Barchelard and Flavien Menu have invested in a career focused on architectural and urban innovation through their French and European experiences. The pavilion combines a 100% French wood structure, which is modular and can be assembled and disassembled.

The basic module of Proto-Habitat is a minimum unit of 45m² that can accommodate a single person, a couple, or a family with a young child. This module can be multiplied: the flat can become larger (60 m²) and doubled to offer up to 120 m² spaces.

This flexibility of the modular configuration makes it possible to imagine the Proto-Habitat as an individual dwelling, a collective building, or a building with hybrid functions.

Structural Engineering
Temporary & Mobile
Art & Design
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© Wald.City
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