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UCPA Sport Station

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City, Country Bordeaux, France
Year 2016–2023
Client ADIM Nouvelle Aquitaine
Architect NP2F
Services Structural Engineering
Facts NFA: 15,000 m²

The UCPA Sport Station project involved the construction of a sports complex in the new Brazza district of Bordeaux. The 15,000 m², six-storey reinforced concrete building house shops, a climbing area, a restaurant, gym and fitness facilities, and areas dedicated to children, e-sports and golf. B+G was mainly involved in the metal framework structures on the roof of the building.

The 78x23m, 18 m-high golf course comprises a main metal frame (driving range section) with a structure of Warren-type lattice posts set into the ground and with overall bracing in flat steel. The high, smooth cross-members of the structure are used to attach the ball-stop net cables. The internal structure (shooting range) consists of a post-and-beam structure. These two structures are embedded with anchor plates in the reinforced concrete floor of the main building.

The 3.5 m high canopy is circular and 14.70 m in diameter. It features a metal grid roof supported by metal posts. The structure is braced by the steel pan and the roof aedicula, which the awning partly covers. Anchor plates are provided on the reinforced concrete of the supporting building.

Structural Engineering
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