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City, Country Berlin, Germany
Year 2017–2021
Client SIGNA
Architect Gewers Pudewill, Jasper Architects and Associates
Services Structural engineering
Façade engineering
Facts GFA: 31,900 m²

The former GDR shopping centre was largely dismantled, refurbished and extended by three additional storeys. The existing building with an almost square ground plan comprised a basement and seven rising storeys as well as an approx. 1.3 km long supply tunnel.

On each of the façade sides, which are up to 80 metres long, additional incisions were made with recessed ceilings and sloping supports for significantly improved natural lighting. A new centrally located fifth core leads to a decisive improvement in the accessibility of the floors. In total, the use and careful conversion of the existing structure saved a CO2 equivalent of almost 8000t compared to a comparable new building volume.

The existing façades were completely dismantled and replaced by generously glazed element façades. On the ground floor, the former colonnades were closed and integrated into the building's body. The large pane dimensions resulting from the storey height compared to conventional new office buildings had to be considered early on in the planning process. The design goal of interrupting the glass surface between the storeys only by a horizontal joint led to additional planning challenges with regard to sound, fire and smoke protection.

Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
Building Retrofit
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