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Fuhle 101

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City, Country Hamburg, Tyskland
Year 2013–2020
Client Development Partner
Architect Bieling Architekten
Services Byggeteknisk prosjektering
Facts BTA: 23,000 m²

A new modern mixed-use building has been constructed on the site of the former German “Hertie” department store at Hamburg’s Barmbek station. The existing building was demolished and replaced by a new four-storey building including two basement levels.

The upper floors accommodate office space and approximately 10,000 m² of retail units. In the basement floors, 420 parking spaces and an approximately 3,000 m² big food market have been built.

The structural system comprises reinforced concrete columns and walls with flat slabs spanning between. Gravity loads are transferred by the slabs to the columns and the load-bearing façade elements into the foundation, a conventional base slab. The lateral load resisting system consists of the reinforced concrete core walls.

The design and planning of the basement structure including the excavation were done in close coordination with the client and design team of the adjacent building project.

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