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Hessische Staatsweingüter

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City, Country Eltville, Germany
Year 2006–2008
Client Hessische Staatsweingüter
Architect Friess + Moster
Facts Gross volume underground: 50,000 m³ | Gross volume: 70,000 m²

Hessische Staatsweingüter GmbH in Kloster Eberbach is the largest (approximately 200 ha total vineyard area) and one of the oldest wine-growing estates in Germany.

The new cellar contains 70,000 m³ of converted space on a floor space of approximately 8,000 m². The reinforced concrete construction is realised with a watertight shell and architectural concrete requirements. 50,000 m³ of the new cellar are covered by earthworks and lie beneath the vineyards.

The new cellar is a reinforced concrete construction with watertight shell and architectural concrete requirements. The reinforced concrete construction with earthworks of approx. 3.50 m has foundations of up to 15 m below the upper edge of the site in the vineyard. The earth-covered cellar areas have a floor space of 7,000 m² and height up to 7 m and have a 1 m high ribbed ceiling with a span 16.50 m.